Self-Awareness Hacks

Did you ever notice how we have this reflex of being ashamed of what we love? It’s because it’s a point of vulnerability. Yes I love this, and now that you know you can hurt me by taking it away, or saying I suck at it, or saying nobody cares.

This is why we hide, because it scares us to show who we are, because then we can be truly defeated.

Who gives a shit if our fake selves get the crap beat out of them? Or if someone says that we suck at what we do. We don’t care because we hate what we do! The minute we expose our true selves to the world then it is game on. Then we are ready to fight because there are real stakes at play.

This is your first act of true courage, to be your true self.

And a lot of the time we get so good at hiding it, we forget who we are! This happens to so many people. We play it safe. We play by the rules. And then all of sudden we start to believe that person is the real me. Then you have got a battle on your hands. Then you have got to dig through all of the bullshit layers of your life and hit the reset button.

And that’s what this site is supposed to be all about, hitting that reset button. And I’m starting to understand a lot better exactly where I fit in to this equation. Yes, I want to help people find their passion but my role is much more precise than that. Because it can be such a long and difficult process I want to be a source of what I call self awareness hacks.

It’s actually what I’ve been doing the last few years. Looking for short-cuts in this incredibly difficult and exhausting journey. These are hacks that quickly show us what are physical self is all about, and other hacks that reveal what our spiritual self is all about. I have a library of these that I’ve created over the years that I can’t wait to share with you guys. And not every one of them will work for you, but the ones that do will be incredibly valuable.

And most importantly I want to hear about your self awareness hacks. What tricks have you learned over the years that provided incredible insight into who you are, and what you should be doing?

Thanks for reading!


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