The Nostalgia Box

This is simply a post to let my blog readers know that I have a new video posted on YouTube called The Nostalgia Box. Please check it out below and come back for my weekly blog post this Wednesday. Cheers!


2 thoughts on “The Nostalgia Box

  1. Just watched this. Very interesting! I absolutely have that box of old stuff I drag around. I mentally started going through it and it’s interesting to see how much writing and drawing I did as a kid. I was never great at art, but I did quite and bit and didn’t suck. But it’s clear I was never going Pro! If anything, it was an indicator of the more creative en devours I was into as a kid.

    Anyway, just wanted to let you know at a minimum it’s an interesting exercise to see what you were into at that time.



    1. Hi Scott! Thanks again for reading. I always enjoyed the exercise of going through my old things and remembering what I was up to. I always found a lot poetry but like you I was never a star. I did write about heavy topics like war at very young age. I also have a lot of big hair pictures lol!


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