Welcome to my home on the interweb. I hope you find something here that can help you on whatever path you’re on. But before you start scouring the darkest corners of my site for something useful here’s a little background of who I am.

My name is Graham and I was born in 1975 in St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada. For those of you who don’t know, Newfoundland is an island on the east coast of Canada and has a population of about half a million people. Newfoundlanders are known for being the friendliest, hard working, salt of the earth type people with a laid back outlook on life. And an accent so ‘tick you feel stunned as a kitten fresh outta the dryer tryin’ to understand it.

I received all of my free education on the rock before heading west (slightly) to Nova Scotia to get my degree in Industrial Engineering at Dalhousie University. I had a great time in Halifax and managed to attend a few classes as well. After scraping my way through that program they reluctantly gave me my degree and sent me on my way.

My first post secondary adventure took me to Västerås, Sweden where I spent 6 months working at ABB doing something almost completely unrelated to the education I had just received, as is often the case. But I did manage to meet some great people and do a little travelling while I was there.

After my time in Scandinavia ended, and the world didn’t end because of Y2K, I figured I should start planning the next phase in my life. After 4 months of living at home with my parents (my money ran out at 2 months, that was fun!) I managed to land a job at Canada Post in one of the coldest world capitals on earth, Ottawa. It’s no Ulaan-Baatar but it gets cold enough to make videos like these!

Half a career later I found myself wanting something more. I knew there were untapped parts of who I was not being utilized within my current role. So I began developing a deep interest in a number of other subjects like purpose, spirituality, and human progress. I may lack formal education in all of these fields but what I do have, in spades, is a passion for them. And an immense desire to combine these passions into something that I could package and provide to the world.

I am an eternal optimist and don’t believe in insurmountable problems. I also believe that every experience we encounter adds value to our lives. Sometimes it’s easy to see, other times it takes distance and reflection. But it is always there. There’s nothing more foreign to me than the idea that we are wasting our time. Alan Watts said that not a single grain of dust in the universe is out of place, and thus I believe not a single moment is wasted.

The simplest way to describe what I do is that I see the best in others. It could be a person or a company but I have a desire to see how they can leverage their experiences, talents, and values to bring out the best in themselves. I believe that by articulating this in a very succinct manner I create focus for people and corporations and enable them to live better lives or run better companies.

Thanks for dropping by.

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