This blog has a new identity.

Throughout the last decade of my life I have obtained a unique perspective on how things are. This has been a result of relentlessly pursuing an understanding of the most mind bending questions that have ever been asked.

Who am I?

What is my purpose?

This basically has been a two pronged approach. First of all, I have spent years delving into the teachings of the most revered spiritual gurus and even though there hasn’t been a eureka type moment where I finally declared aloud “Got it!”, I have most definitely undergone a significant transformation in how I see the world.

Secondly, I have explored the concept of purpose from an organizational standpoint, to an individuals perspective. I have studied the alignment of a personal and a corporate vision. I have undergone a journey to determine the purpose of the company I work for, and of many other corporations who have yet to explore that avenue. I have completed numerous self assessments, quizzes, and personality tests. This has brought me to a greater understanding of myself, and framed how I believe the world would be most effective.

Now, I am merging these two aspects of who I am and introducing a new layer of current events. My plan is to take these concepts and apply them to the topic du jour. It could be national or international politics, pop culture, sports, technology, or health. I am hoping that I can take any topic and offer a unique perspective that hasn’t been discussed. I hope to add value by broadening the discussion in ways that lean towards real progress and change.

I hope you enjoy the new approach!