The Death of the Hobby

You don’t know why you started doing it. You don’t really know why you love it so much. And you certainly aren’t doing it for anyone else. It is our hobbies that define us more deeply than anything else in our lives. It is what you do with your time when there is no burden … Continue reading The Death of the Hobby


The Contextual Nature of Religion

Not believing in God because of religion is like not believing in freedom because of politics. I don’t know how the entire discussion about the existence of God got monopolized by the world’s religious institutions. For sure, there is no doubt that many of the teachings within Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, and Islam can offer powerful … Continue reading The Contextual Nature of Religion

Autonomy and the Flaw of Activism

I believe there is one thing that is the greatest fundamental driver of human behaviour. Every single person on the planet is either engaged in the intense pursuit of it, or in the unyielding defense of it. It's theme is scattered throughout the documents that govern our politics, and in our greatest movie scripts. It … Continue reading Autonomy and the Flaw of Activism

The Diminishing Population of Progressive Thinkers

Martin Luther King was one of the greatest orators of any generation. Armed with that ability, and combined with an uncompromising belief in his values, he created a powerful movement that defied extraordinary odds. But just decades later racism remains a powerful force in the US, and throughout the world. We celebrate the man. We quote … Continue reading The Diminishing Population of Progressive Thinkers

Was Donald Trump a Necessary Evil in the Name of Progress?

Can we all pretend for a moment that things just went slightly differently on Tuesday night? Let’s say two results changed: First let’s imagine 60,000 Trump votes in Florida switched to Hillary, and second that she received 70,000 more votes in Pennsylvania. That gives her enough seats to win. If this was the case, and … Continue reading Was Donald Trump a Necessary Evil in the Name of Progress?

Four Basic Areas of Need

I think I have a slight addiction to constantly looking at the same problem from different perspectives.... The general approach I have been taking up to this point is basically this: Find out what I am best at Use it to say or do something important Turn that into a career Become incredibly successful! Easy … Continue reading Four Basic Areas of Need


If I'm lucky enough to have you paying attention to what I have been doing on The Passionate Why, you will have noticed that I haven't been putting out much content lately. The truth is that after 6 weeks of going hard at it and fitting the extra workload between 5 and 7 on weekday … Continue reading Try-Fail-Learn-Adapt

Your Performance is not the Problem

It was late summer back in 1998 and I was finishing off the final work term of my Industrial Engineering degree at Dal. And as everyone is aware, with every single job that you will ever have there is some kind of performance review process to go through. Judgement day was here and it was … Continue reading Your Performance is not the Problem