If I’m lucky enough to have you paying attention to what I have been doing on The Passionate Why, you will have noticed that I haven’t been putting out much content lately.

The truth is that after 6 weeks of going hard at it and fitting the extra workload between 5 and 7 on weekday mornings I was absolutely exhausted. I still have more material to talk about but I don’t have the energy to keep putting it together.

Couple that with the fact that it is so much harder to grow a YouTube audience than I had expected and I have been forced to re-evaluate my approach. Instead of going balls to the walls on making videos, blogging, twittering, googling, and everything else, I need to refocus on those things that I enjoy the most.

The more and more short videos I see on YouTube, the more I realize that the style that is making them popular is really not my style. They are full of exaggerated personalities and click bait titles.

I have attempted to learn from the most viewed videos and emulate their approaches but there is so much work required. You have to really believe in the content you are putting out there to have the energy to promote it to the extent that is required. And while I do like the content I am producing, I sometimes feel I am just trying to pump out stuff to meet my self imposed deadlines.

I am beginning to think that I am more suited to making short documentaries about the topics I want to discuss. Maybe around 20 to 30 minutes. Of course this means I won’t have content to spit out on a regular basis to help build an audience, but in the end I  should have something I am more proud of and more willing to promote.

So for the upcoming weeks I am going to look more deeply into this approach. I am going to figure out what I want to talk about, how I would do it, what other equipment do I need, and then start moving forward. I have no timetable for this approach but don’t forget about me! 🙂 If you stay following my blog, my YouTube channel, or my Facebook page you will know when ever I have something to show.

Thanks for watching/reading!


My Morning Drive

Hi Everyone!

Today I published my first video in what I hope will be an extensive and useful series. I have utilized pretty much the only free time I have and set up a camera in my car so I can churn out video content for The Passionate Why on my drive to work.

I must admit it was an odd feeling at first talking to myself in the car. It took a while to get started, and then it took a while to get on a roll. I captured over 18 minutes of footage but only the last 5 minutes was usable. I will aim to improve that ratio in the future…

In the video I talk about how to find your passion, and in a somewhat unstructured way, I highlight the three major aspects. They are:

  1. Defining your world. Those people, things, and places that you are most connected with.
  2. Highlighting your skills that we’re self taught and the core reasons you learned them.
  3. Leveraging your life experience.

The combination of these three attributes is what can lead you to finding a passion. It is applying those self taught skills to the content of your life experience in a way that enables you to make your world a better place.

In future videos I will dive more deeply into each of these three aspects but I think this particular one does a good job of setting the stage for those future discussions.

Have a great day!